Four years and a lot of hard work after the Commemorating Augustus conference, I’m pleased to be able to announce that the edited volume arising from it is being published this month. The volume aims to trace Augustus’ reception history from his death to the present day, and it is entitled Afterlives of Augustus, AD 14-2014.

Afterlives of Augustus front cover

A full listing is available now on the Cambridge University Press catalogue. The official publication date is 26 April, although in fact a few advance copies were spotted on the CUP stand at the Classical Association conference a few days ago. You can read some excerpts, including about half of my own introductory chapter, here.

The full table of contents reads as follows:

  1. Best of emperors or subtle tyrant? Augustus the ambivalent. Penelope J. Goodman
  2. The last days of Augustus. Alison E. Cooley
  3. Seneca’s Augustus: (re)calibrating the imperial model for a young prince. Steven J. Green
  4. Embodying the Augustan in Suetonius and beyond. Patrick Cook
  5. The First Emperor? Augustus and Julius Caesar as rival founders of the principate. Joseph Geiger
  6. Julian Augustus on Augustus: Octavian in the Caesars. Shaun Tougher
  7. Augustus: the harbinger of Peace. Orosius’ reception of Augustus in Historiae Adversus Paganos. Michael C. Sloan
  8. The Byzantine Augustus: the reception of the first Roman emperor in the Byzantine tradition. Kosta Simić
  9. Augustus and the Carolingians. Jürgen Strothmann
  10. Augustus as visionary: the legend of the Augustan altar in S. Maria in Aracoeli, Rome. Kerry Boeye and Nandini B. Pandey
  11. From peacemaker to tyrant: the changing image of Augustus in Italian Renaissance political thought. Robert Black
  12. Augustus in Morisot’s ‘Book 8’ of the Fasti. Bobby Xinyue
  13. The proconsul and the emperor: John Buchan’s Augustus. James T. Chlup
  14. In search of a new princeps: Günther Birkenfeld and his Augustus novels, 1934–1984. Martin Lindner
  15. Augustus in the rhetorical tradition. Kathleen S. Lamp
  16. The Parthian arch of Augustus and its legacy: memory manipulation in imperial Rome and modern scholarship. Maggie L. Popkin
  17. Augustus and the politics of the past in television documentaries today. Fiona Hobden
  18. Augusto reframed: exhibiting Augustus in bimillennial Rome. Anna Clareborn
  19. Augustus’ (non)reception in America and its context. Karl Galinsky